I’m Sharmin. I like to write about film, music and pop culture, food, gender, spaces and places. I hail from Adelaide, South Australia and I’m undertaking my MA in Writing at Swinburne University.

I’m a former journalist who’s written about plunging, pregnant, into Hobart’s Derwent River for the Dark Mofo winter solstice nude swim. I’ve adapted the work of the criminally underrated Shirley Jackson for the screen, and interviewed a number of extremely obliging and insightful sex workers about the flawed and frustrated Australian legal system.

I thought I’d be a great fiction writer, but it turns out I’m better at putting the real stuff on paper. I write on a range of topics from music video narratives to lingerie advertisements to culinary preferences in rural South Australia. My work on the exploration of female adolescence in body horror films has been published in Antithesis Journal (Girlhood, Adolescence and Body Horror in ‘Ginger Snaps’).

Before starting my Masters in Writing in 2015, I experimented with various occupations: pizza delivery driver, beer wench, onion sorter, ham slicer, emo waitress, and PR impostor. My favourite job is the one I’m doing now — writing, in short slivers of time between my other work as a middle-aged mother, lazy wife, digital media roustabout and suburban mortgagee.

If you’re interested in any of my writing projects please drop me a line, or head to my Instagram page (@sharminotaur) for more frequency.