I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. I’m undertaking my MA in Writing at Swinburne University, and graduating in 2019. I like to write about film, music and pop culture, food, gender, spaces and places.

My writing has been published in Antithesis Journal (Girlhood, Adolescence and Body Horror in ‘Ginger Snaps’) and the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Guide (Queenie BonBon: Welcome To The Mystic Hole).

I have written (with the generous contributions from Australian sex workers) about the inconsistent and punitive laws across Australia that reduce their safety at work. This is something I’m hoping to continue working on in 2019. If you’d like to talk to me about it, please contact me.

I’m currently developing an interactive project based on my childhood and teenage letters to penpals. It explores the ways that girls communicate and inhabit domestic, intimate and platonic spaces. Girls often build relationships that provide them with a sanctuary where their needs can be met: social, personal, imaginative, experimental.

In 2018 I completed my Masters Folio, a 20,000 word first draft of a novella. A fictitious work informed by my experiences in a rural community, it tells the story of a detective and her investigation of a local murder. Meanwhile she must juggle conflicting demands: close friendships, her home life and relationship with her pregnant wife, ethical boundaries, and racial tensions in the community.

If you’re interested in these or any other of my writing projects please drop me a line, or head to my Instagram page (@sharminotaur) for more frequency.