Girlhood, Adolescence and Body Horror in ‘Ginger Snaps’

as featured in Antithesis Journal, October 25, 2018 John Fawcett’s sophomore film, 2000’s Ginger Snaps, explores the misadventures of Ginger Fitzgerald after she’s bitten by a vicious werewolf. The infected Ginger subsequently unleashes her teenage rage upon her suburban neighbourhood as her doting sister, Brigitte Fitzgerald, desperately searches for a cure. Previously, werewolf horror films… Continue reading Girlhood, Adolescence and Body Horror in ‘Ginger Snaps’

EXCERPT Tied up in red tape: state policy on sex work in South Australia

I’m late. I run across the road and try not to trip or drop the contents of my makeup-laden handbag on the road. Abi and Arianna (Ari) smile and wave to me from their table in the café, an offering called My Kingdom For A Horse. The paint scheme inside is divine: a tri-coloured horizontal… Continue reading EXCERPT Tied up in red tape: state policy on sex work in South Australia

Cholera tornado

There is a last time for everything, and sometimes I get scared when I think a ‘last time’ is drawing close. The last time I said I loved my father? I can’t tell you when it was. I think I stopped saying it in my twenties, when we still caught up for dinner every few… Continue reading Cholera tornado

Bowie: some thoughts

Was I always a fan of David Bowie? Not particularly. I mean, I quite liked him as Jareth in the wacky cult movie Labyrinth, for which he penned much of the soundtrack. Cue saxophones, bursting singalongs by a jaded romantic prince-villain, and rousing lullabies to a borrowed/stolen baby. Weird, right? I'd expect nothing less of him. During… Continue reading Bowie: some thoughts

A labour

2.00am, Saturday morning: You wake up in the dark. The bed is warm and your husband sleeps soundly next to you. There’s a rhythmic cramp spreading throughout your pelvic area, like a period cramp. But it feels too repetitive for that. You don’t know much about your pelvis except that there’s been a lot going… Continue reading A labour

Review: DARK MOFO Nude Swim

Heard of MONA? Tl;dr: self-proclaimed ‘arseholic’ David Walsh makes a fortune playing blackjack (among other things), and invests in a Tasmanian museum now named MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) that he vamps out with art about – what else? – sex and death. MONA’s mantra? "We believe things like art history and the… Continue reading Review: DARK MOFO Nude Swim

Review: Ginger Snaps

Ginger snaps. Delicious treats constructed from ginger-flavoured biscuity-stuff rolled into a cigar, and pumped full of brandy cream. The cigars can be prepared ahead of time and frozen for several months, so they're basically available whenever you want to devour them. Ginger Snaps (the film) tells the story of the Fitzgerald girls, who are far… Continue reading Review: Ginger Snaps