Bowie: some thoughts

Was I always a fan of David Bowie? Not particularly. I mean, I quite liked him as Jareth in the wacky cult movie Labyrinth, for which he penned much of the soundtrack. Cue saxophones, bursting singalongs by a jaded romantic prince-villain, and rousing lullabies to a borrowed/stolen baby. Weird, right? I'd expect nothing less of him. During… Continue reading Bowie: some thoughts

Review: DARK MOFO Nude Swim

Heard of MONA? Tl;dr: self-proclaimed ‘arseholic’ David Walsh makes a fortune playing blackjack (among other things), and invests in a Tasmanian museum now named MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) that he vamps out with art about – what else? – sex and death. MONA’s mantra? "We believe things like art history and the… Continue reading Review: DARK MOFO Nude Swim