Cholera tornado

There is a last time for everything, and sometimes I get scared when I think a ‘last time’ is drawing close. The last time I said I loved my father? I can’t tell you when it was. I think I stopped saying it in my twenties, when we still caught up for dinner every few… Continue reading Cholera tornado

How do personal stereos impact our cultural behaviours?

The Apple iPod was introduced in 2001, its innovative features and interface finding a key place in the music industry by combining the technology of computing software and music stereos. Users  could suddenly mobilise their desires upon their own media items: moving, mashing-up, unbundling and sharing.Users of these and other multimedia devices are made to… Continue reading How do personal stereos impact our cultural behaviours?

Performing ‘the other’ in music video

How do music videos reinforce or subvert bodily performance of 'the other' gender? NOTE: ESSAY AND VIDEO CONTAIN EXPLICIT CONTENT ‘Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, because it’s ok to be a boy - but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because you think… Continue reading Performing ‘the other’ in music video

Narrative economy in music video

An analysis of narrative codes (in particular, symbols and motifs) in the music video ‘Special Cases’. ‘Art is a system which is pure, no unit ever goes wasted, however long, however loose, however tenuous may be the thread connecting it to one of the levels of the story.’ Barthes, 1977, pp. 89-90 Sequence: Special Cases,… Continue reading Narrative economy in music video

Converging platforms

How are television products influenced by the convergence of media industries and platforms? The shift from fixed to mobile usage does not simply result in a transfer of the same experience to a greater range of places – rather, it profoundly changes the ways in which people orient towards these technologies and how these artefacts… Continue reading Converging platforms