Crocodile tears

Lash out
keep thumping
We all pushed your buttons.  

We were all wrong
crowds of us said the wrong thing
thousands of us did the wrong thing
all of us, but never you.

Cry your crocodile tears
tell us how you’re denied any family
I think I can see all of them laid at your feet
Beautiful babies, children, cousins, wives
in different-coloured photographs. 

Let me locate an abacus
I’ll need to tally up
a daughter
those who never made it
discarded lovers
countless women
Your effort is found wanting.

You wore us like a trophy
broken into too many pieces
no longer decorative, or for your purposes. 

Maker of mayhem
giver, rapid retriever, of love.
You turn cold faster than a winter bath 

Pity yourself
trapped by women who care for you
poor you.
Abandoned by boys, sons who grow into cold men without your love
smarter than we
weeping warm salty tears. 

How many times did you hit?
Horrid words did you spit?
Hurl, smash, burn.
It all burns away in the fire you made.

How many more will you destroy?
Or is it we who are guilty
those of us who do not warn
anyone new you gravitate to?

Untouched by your hand (for now) 

You just can’t help it.
Can you.
Can you?